Smile! You’re on stage.

Smile! You’re on stage.

In cooperation with Logitech I’m putting together a list of “speaking hacks”. No matter if you’re addressing an audience of 1,500 people or if you’re speaking to a group of five directors, here are some simple pointers that anyone can use.

If you think that your words are all that matters… think again. Yes, your words are important. But if people aren’t paying attention, what’s the point? That’s why I would recommend to make a connection before you get to the real ‘meat’ of your presentation.

The least you can do is say “How are you?” and make eye-contact… If you really want them to listen, use self-deprecating humour. The more serious you take yourself, the less serious you will be taken. 

And smile. Please. Some people are so obsessed with what they want to say next, it looks like they’re in a lot of pain. Guess what that does to your listeners… that’s right. They don’t listen! Even if you don’t feel like smiling, smile. If your brain thinks it’s okay, your body will follow.

There you have it… some people think they can wing it. But if you want to go from Presenter to Storyteller, make sure to connect before you present.