Technologists…. be the change!

Technologists…. be the change!

Have you ever asked yourself the question… is this the world that I want to live in? Are there things that you would like to see differently? If the answer is “yes”… then, what’s stopping you from changing them? Be the Change, this world so desperately needs.

That is the theme of the upcoming SingularityU The Netherlands Summit 2017 on November 20 Р21 at the Philharmonie in Haarlem.

Since the first Summit in 2014 a lot has changed! This Summit will prove to be bigger, better and brighter. Involving you actively in creating positive change and impact. Set in a theatre, we will have presentations, panels, fireside chats, interactive expert sessions, workshops and technology experiences. It will also be the largest gathering of SU Faculty outside the US.

Also look at the interactive expert sessions with:

  • Maarten Steinbuch (Robotics)
  • Carlo van de Weijer (Governance)
  • Mark Post (Future of Food)
  • Daan Kersten (Additive Manufacturing)
  • Kris Verburgh (Ageing)
  • Yuri van Geest (Exponential Organizations)

As part of the faculty I’m allowed to give friends a discount. Please use discount code: SUNL2017_FRIENDS or this link to sign up for tickets.

If you plan to go with a group I suggest you reach out to Hajo van Beijma (Partnerships, SingularityU NL) via

Hope to see you there!