The story behind an opening video

A lot of people asked me about this spectacular video. Let me just give you a little history and then let the second video speak for itself.

I had worked with the agency We Are Pi before. They were the ones who came up with the brilliant idea to work together with the National Ballet and create the opening of TEDxAmsterdam with a human brain.

So, when I faced the challenge of bringing some creative glue to the TEDxSummit in Doha, I didn’t hesitate for a second and asked We Are Pi if they wanted to do it all again. And -lucky for us- they said yes!

The briefing was simple: “Can you show that amazing things can happen when people come together”.

For me, that is what TEDx is all about. Nothing more, nothing less. And one thing led to another and before we knew it Alex, Jamie, Rick and Barney had come up with another brilliant concept and got this all star team from Paris on board and filmed their “human arabesque”.

Believe me, what you see is what really happened. No special effects, no photoshop. Or as Rick put it: “No smoke, just mirrors”. Don’t believe it? Please watch “the making of” and get the whole story.

41 cities create 1 videoclip

Today is Universal Children’s Day. To celebrate this important day children across the globe have used their collaborative creativity to share with you the following videoclip.

The song was written by Bas Kennis and Jim Stolze, based on dreams and ideas from children in 41 cities. Those kids were then asked to record their own video contributions. Amsterdam started this “video relay” and soon followed Tokyo, Soweto, New York, Paris, Salzburg, Nasa and many more. The concept of the video and the production were done by Elian Wils from BigShots.

On November 20th the videoclip premiered in 61 cities during TEDxYouthDay.
Music was recored at Grand Street Recording, New York. Vocals by Morley.