Please slow down your communication

John Freeman has written a wonderful manifesto about slow communication. He talks about the blessings of the Internet age, but then changes the perspective and really makes you think differently. He starts with a quote that might has well been taken from my book (same subject / anecdote): “My friend has just had his PC wired for broadband,” writes the poet Don Paterson. “I

Bobby McFerrin at the World Science Festival

Bobby McFerrin takes the audience at the World Science Festival 2009 on a nice little muscial trip. “A demonstration of expectations” is what he calls it. Just giving them two tones of a pentatonic scale (that’s 5, indeed) and by jumping around he’s not only the conductor but also the solist. Leaving the neuroscientist on stage with just one very scientific question… what the

TEDxAmsterdam at the Royal Tropical Institute

TEDxAmsterdam, an independently organized TED event, will take place November 20, 2009, at the Hermitage Royal Tropical Institute, featuring TED Talks videos, original speakers, and music. “It’s a great honor to host a TEDx event in The Netherlands”, says organizer Jim Stolze. “TED has been around since 1984, but only a handful of Dutch people actually attended a TED conference. Many more of them

My pecha-kucha presentation

My pecha-kucha presentation

For years I’ve been coming to TheNextWeb Conference, hosted by Boris, Patrick and Arjen. This year I was even invited to give a Pecha Kucha presentation. This is specific format where you’re only allowed 20 slides that will be shown for 20 seconds each.

This results in a short, snappy presentation of 6 minutes and forty seconds. I hope you’ll enjoy it:

TED Amsterdam?

Today TED announced a new brilliant extension to the TED-experience: TEDx. Where x stands for “independently organized TED event”. It’s my pleasure to announce TEDxAmsterdam! Together with some other Dutch TED-izens I’m planning this event on October 23 November 20 of this year. It will be `a full day of inspiration, top speakers, all time favorite TED talks, food, people and music.` For me

The future of the Internet

Well, isn’t that nice: the Web turned 20 this week! And of course, the Internet is much older, but when we speak of “the web” we need to go back to 1989 for a rather techy -immaculate- collection by the web’s father, Tim Berners-Lee: Then CERN (Switzerland) was the largest Internet node in Europe, and Berners-Lee saw an opportunity to join hypertext with the