A PicNic in Amsterdam

This week I’ll be hanging out in “The Westerpark”. Not because I’m choosing a new career as a street musician or as a re-born fisherman. But because I’m attending one of the best conferences in the World: PicNic ’09.

This 4-day conference started out under the name of “Cross Media Week”, but covers a lot more subjects than just media and creativity. I’ve been coming here for years and have blogged about it several times. Last year I even got the chance to give a talk on the main stage. This was my talk about “Virtual Happiness“, just two months before I went offline.

I’m particulary looking forward to the following speakers at PicNic’09:

Besides listening to the speakers, I’ll be having a lot of fun too. The weather is going to be perfect for catching up with all friends and have a coffee/beer 🙂