TEDxChange in The Netherlands

TEDxChange in The Netherlands

This week The Gates Foundation and TED released their website for the TEDxChange. Events that will be taking place across the globe this year on 20 September. It’s my pleasure to give you some more information about the Dutch chapter of this event:

TEDxChange in Amsterdam
A life changing dinner party with an unforgettable exchange of energy

On September 20, to coincide with the United Nations summit on the Millennium Development Goals, there will be a global event organized by TED and the Gates Foundation.

In Amsterdam, a remarkable group of individuals will join the live video broadcast from the Paley Center in New York and after participate in a TEDxChange event. This will be an interactive dinner with 8 people who, with their businesses or projects, are working towards achieving the MDGs in their country. They will share their desires and passions, their ideas and achievements, and then ask for support. The event will be a massive call-to-action to back these people and their businesses. Money will not be requested. The currency at this event will be skills, knowledge and time.
The handpicked guest list to this event will consist of one hundred people who are chosen on account of their ability to effect change and bring unrivalled skills to the table.

Part 1: Listening
This extraordinary event will bring together people who want to be inspired; who are ready to make a difference – young innovators, and established, successful businessmen alike.
Many emerging countries are growing faster than ever with young, dynamic local business-people building up their economies and creating jobs. The event will focus on the energy, positivity and creativity around change in developing countries. There will be inspiring stories and triumphant tales from people who are making a difference.
In 3 minute mini-talks, 8 guest speakers will lay out what their businesses needs to grow. This could be help with business modeling, building a website, getting in touch with universities, setting up a communications plan, accessing an effective international network or securing an introduction to relevant stakeholders – anything is possible.

Part 2: Participating
After hearing these requests, the guests will have an opportunity to dine, in groups of 10 with the speaker they were most inspired by, or feel they can most contribute to. The meal will be an opportunity to hear more and actively match requirements with skills. By the end of the evening, guests will leave having made a pledge of action, knowing their next steps and that they have already made a positive difference. The person behind the best idea/action will even get the opportunity to share their progress at TEDx Amsterdam on November 30 2010.
And, of course, in true TEDx style there will be plenty of opportunity to meet fellow TEDsters, be entertained and on this special occasion, dine on delicious food.

Quote from the organizer:

Jim Stolze, the event initiator says. “Instead of talking about what’s not working, our team is focusing on the people who are already bringing the MDGs closer. During the Amsterdam segment of TEDxChange we are focusing on the true beneficiaries and looking for ways to stimulate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and business.”

Want the opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking event?
Are you a successful and established businessman with a many years of experience and wisdom behind you? Or perhaps you are starting out; full of energy, new ideas and a knowledge of the latest technological advances? Or perhaps you are at the helm of a company that wants to expand its corporate responsibility? TEDxChange would love to hear from you if you have the time and commitment to make a difference. Please visit www.TedxChange.nl where we invite you to complete an application form. TEDxChange will then evaluate the applications; making initial, possible matches and to create a diverse skills and experience base.