Keep the end in mind

Public speaking is a high-wire act. Those first few moments are crucial. Your heart beats faster. You’re sizing up your audience. And of course, they’re watching every move you make. But once you get your flow, it all seems effortless. You feel a connection – like you’re moving in step. It’s exhilarating when that happens. 

In cooperation with Logitech I’m putting together a list of “speaking hacks”. This is part three and it builds upon what we learned from Hans Rosling (prepare to be relaxed).

Remember: when you’re on stage, don’t think too much about what you have to say next. Relax, be in the moment and smile. It’s okay to improvise. But there’s a catch!

What will people remember after listening to your story? What will be the “take home message”? Even if you are confident, don’t just wing it. Yes, it’s okay to improvise, in fact I encourage it. But do prepare your final statement and learn it by heart. It will give you some extra courage and boy, will you look confident right before you say… “Thank you!”.

AI for Good

Kunstmatige intelligentie is te belangrijk om over te laten aan grote tech-bedrijven. Daarom is er sinds vorige week een nieuw initiatief dat ook Gemeentes en NGO’s in staat stelt om AI-oplossingen toe te passen.

Speciaal voor de lancering van AI for Good was Youtube-held Siraj Raval ingevlogen om zijn kijk op de democratisering van AI te delen met de zaal. In het publiek van de Venture Studio op Amsterdam Science Park bevonden zich vooral studenten van de UVA / VU en medewerkers van onder meer Warchild, de Verenigde Naties, het Rode Kruis, Gemeente Amsterdam en van het SIDN fonds.

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