Twitter @ TED 2008

love logoInspired by the blogposting from Emily McManus on “Who’s blogging at the TED-conference”, I came up with the idea to do the same on the questions “Who’s twittering at TED?”

If you don’t know what Twitter is, you may have missed one of the most exciting new tools on the web. It’s social, it’s relevant, it’s realtime, it’s sometimes useless, it’s fun, it runs on any platform: mac, windows, mobile, chat, mail, and it’s completely free!

Twitter Loves TED2008

So, who’s with us?
To point out who is twittering at TED I picked a selection of tweets from some TEDizens. Hope you like it and that you give Twitter a try and don’t forget to put the #TED (hash) in your message, so that it will automatically show up in the feeds there are.

With many thanks to:

See you at TED!

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