TEDxAmsterdam 2013 in 2 minutes

TEDxAmsterdam 2013 was an amazing experience. We celebrated our 5th anniversary at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. With the following line-up: Dadara Manfred Kets de Vries Bart Remes Jimmy Nelson Eva Simons Dominic Seldis Heleen Mees Amy Robinson Fons Trompenaars Words are not enough to describe the day. Let’s look at a short video compiliation.

41 cities create 1 videoclip

41 cities create 1 videoclip

Today is Universal Children’s Day. To celebrate this important day children across the globe have used their collaborative creativity to share with you the following videoclip.

The song was written by Bas Kennis and Jim Stolze, based on dreams and ideas from children in 41 cities. Those kids were then asked to record their own video contributions. Amsterdam started this “video relay” and soon followed Tokyo, Soweto, New York, Paris, Salzburg, Nasa and many more. The concept of the video and the production were done by Elian Wils from BigShots.

On November 20th the videoclip premiered in 61 cities during TEDxYouthDay.
Music was recored at Grand Street Recording, New York. Vocals by Morley.

Bobby McFerrin at the World Science Festival

Bobby McFerrin takes the audience at the World Science Festival 2009 on a nice little muscial trip. “A demonstration of expectations” is what he calls it. Just giving them two tones of a pentatonic scale (that’s 5, indeed) and by jumping around he’s not only the conductor but also the solist. Leaving the neuroscientist on stage with just one very scientific question… what the

Net, blogs and Rock ‘n Roll

Tijdens mijn “vastenmaand” kreeg ik van een aantal mensen ook boeken opgestuurd. Geweldig natuurlijk als je erover nadenkt. Een boek staat voor rust: even jezelf afsluiten en heerlijk met één ding heel intensief bezig zijn. En dat staat weer haaks op de digitale versnippering, waarbij we nauwelijks nog hele lappen tekst lezen. We hebben onszelf geleerd om extreem goed te scannen en te klikken