How I became a viking

Thanks for stopping by! This is a very early version of the “aftercare” page for my TEDxUVA talk.

The idea is to give you some background information on some of the stuff that I mentioned and also some pointers for you -should you choose to have your DNA sequenced as well.

Consumer DNA testing

There are many companies that offer these services. If you live in Europe I would recommend choosing a local company. Although I myself did it with 23andMe (first) and MyAncestry (second).

Forementioned companies only digitize specific parts of you genome. Dante Labs (Italy) offers a full human genome sequence for 500 EURO.

The eyebrow test

Many people think that I’m kidding when I tell this story. But it’s actually what happened. Luckily I made a screenshot in 2011 and uploaded it to Flickr.

Funny question on 23andme
More will follow…